Troy Tanner | A bit about me.


Passionate photographer currently curating my own version of ‘success’ within the photography industry. Influenced by the world of snowboarding, the highlights, the pitfalls and even the seemingly endless transit that comes along with it.

Holding true to the creative culture that comes out of these mountainous landscapes and the inspirational people within them. From my roots in snowboarding I’ve been lucky enough to progress into multiple fields and expand my areas of expertise as I move through cities, coast lines and aerial view points. Now days I specialise in many fields, ranging from; weddings to cuisine, real estate, events, advertising and even product photography. All of which continually keeps me inspired and passionate about my work.

“If you’re super passionate about something, you enjoy every moment of it, but when you become obsessed you might lose the love for biggest hope for ‘success’ is in photography, though without losing the love for it.”

- excerpt from ‘The Brilliant People’ interview by Cayley Alger.

The Rusty Toothbrush side of me.


A huge part of my life involves working with a video production company named Rusty Toothbrush. They specialise in making snowboard movies and other winter based visual content for various brands, ski resorts and advertising agencies.

We travel the world following professional snowboarders as they do what the do best and we are there, camera in hand to capture it all.

Awesome people I get to work with: